“She came home to vote,” the activist said of the Duchess of Sussex, before going into detail about the two’s efforts to get people to the polls.
Your loved ones may need a nudge to cast their ballots in 2020. Here's how you can help.
The school faced charges of hypocrisy because it had refused an on-campus site due to COVID-19 fears, yet plans to host football games with fans.
Neither snow nor Category 5 hurricanes nor massive printing snafus stopped the Postal Service from helping safeguard U.S. elections. Has that changed?
Joe and Jill Biden voted in their state's primary Monday and, according to Dr. Biden's clothing, they encourage you to do the same.
"The president’s rhetoric has put my party in the position of a firefighter who deliberately sets fires to look like a hero putting them out," he wrote.
“These mail-in ballots are a disgrace," the president said as millions of Americans are set to cast absentee votes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The attorney general claimed not to know whether it's legal for Americans to try to vote twice. The California lawmaker offered facetious help.
Kayleigh McEnany claimed the president's notion about voting by mail and then in person was taken "out of context."
Anti-abortion activist Abby Johnson used her platform on night two of the Republican National Convention to perpetuate false narratives about abortion and endorse sexist voting practices.