The "Late Night" host hit back at Graham's claim that Democrats pursuing Donald Trump's impeachment are "sore losers."
A federal judge did say, however, he would be willing to revisit the issue after Election Day.
The state is removing more than 300,000 people from its voter rolls, raising concerns from voting rights advocates who say this is yet another effort to suppress votes.
The lead plaintiff in a new lawsuit will not be legally allowed to vote until 2053 because she will be on probation.
At a rally in Minneapolis, President Donald Trump fought back against an impeachment inquiry and lobbed insults and everyone from Rep. ilhan Omar and Former Vice President Joe Biden.
Lawyers for Mason, who was sentenced to five years in prison, say her provisional vote in 2016 wasn't an illegal vote because it didn't actually count.
Crystal Mason is fighting a five-year prison sentence for trying to vote in the 2016 presidential election.
The process, which allows voters to rank multiple candidates, will be in effect for the 2020 general election, but not the primary.
The nonpartisan Environmental Voter Project is doubling in size ahead of the 2020 election.
President Donald Trump now says that Google is the reason he lost the popular vote in the 2016 presidential election.
Officials can discard such ballots if they decide signatures on them don't match ones on file. But the suit notes they aren't handwriting experts.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) rebuked critics who called him “Moscow Mitch” after he blocked various election safety bills proposed by the Democrats.
Sen. Ron Wyden argued that Congress needs to implement “mandatory nation-wide cybersecurity requirements” ahead of the 2020 elections.
Next year, Democrats in two states can caucus using their phones.
"It’s the worst year for hostility to minor parties and independent candidates since 1971."
The GOP lawmakers are on the lam to sabotage a vote on a historic bill to combat climate change.
Once again, President Donald Trump is bashing Fox News after his once-favorite cable network released a poll that showed him trailing potential 2020 opponents including former Vice President Joe Biden.
Politicians should take note, argues the Muslim group Emgage.
Texas officials said they suspected nearly 100,000 noncitizens were on state voter rolls in January. But that conclusion was based on flawed data.