voting laws

Will Smith and director Antoine Fuqua said they are pulling production on their upcoming film out of Georgia over the state’s new restrictive voting measure.
It's easier for the average person to vote in Colorado than it is in Georgia. Their laws aren't even in the same ballpark.
For many younger Lebanese, Sunday brought a first chance to vote in a national election after parliament twice extended a term that expired in 2013.
"People start to take these conspiracy theories and turn them into reality,” a Democratic spokesman said.
Many states prohibit letting someone see your completed ballot.
But no matter how many times you write "Batman," he isn't getting elected.
The party is trying to convince voters it's the one they should trust on ballot access.
"African Americans will disproportionately bear this burden," the judge determined.
Many presidential primary voters experienced a range of problems.
Rappers urge the young to "get your voice heard" at an anniversary concert.