My mom always said that she missed out on having her dream wedding until they renewed their vows the day before Thanksgiving, in front of their kids, grandkids and a handful of friends, just like 25 years before.
Rick and Stacey have been married for 30 years. To celebrate their anniversary, Rick decided to do something Stacey would never forget -- and the result is one phenomenal event caught on video.
We did it. Last night, surrounded by family and friends, we renewed our vows. We prayed, we ate, and in the Jewish tradition, Mr. Rosenberg and I were carried around on chairs as we all danced the hora. It was wonderful and I have never felt more loved.
Sarah McCoy, author of the novel The Mapmaker's Children, and her husband, an Army orthopedic surgeon she calls Doc B, recently celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary with a vow renewal and baptismal ceremony.
If celebrities have taught us anything, it's that nothing dooms a marriage quite like an over-the-top vow renewal ceremony
Your marriage will hopefully be a long and fruitful journey, but it will need some help along the way.
Since Weddings in Vieques made its reality television debut on TLC's Wedding Island last summer, we're getting wedding requests for three, four, five and even six years ahead. Sometimes I find myself asking are you guys kidding me?
In a recent interview with the Arizona Daily Star , the pair reminisced about their 18 weddings in places all over the world
I committed to skipping the wedding planning stress entirely. I wanted a special day to remember, but I didn't want the reception logistics to overtake the meaning of the vows. And, I didn't want to spend a fortune on one day (four college educations do not just pay for themselves).
Congratulations to Alyson Hannigan and her husband Alexis Denisof, who celebrated their 10-year anniversary recently by renewing
We don't see too many shirtless officiants, but it looks like this one did an awesome job! Most of us were just a mere twinkle
Damon and Luciana, a former bartender, began dating in 2003. Since marrying in 2005, they have had three daughters together
There's going to be a lot of PDA in Times Square this Valentine's Day. “Times Square has always been about ‘free love’ in
In recent years, renewing wedding vows has become more and more popular. If couples have been able to stay the course, they're marking their 10, 20 or 30 year anniversary with a vow renewal ceremony.
Now that's a kiss! Illinois couple Chris Vogel and Julie Nelson renewed their vows in the middle of the Rock 'n
Even though I may never throw myself my own wedding, I am still happily married to a wonderful man who, every day, tells me I am beautiful and that he loves me every day.