Unlike many in the GOP, Carson says he doesn't "see the disadvantage."
He thinks it helped 50 years ago, but isn't necessary now.
No word from the 53 other Republicans on whether they care about fixing the landmark legislation.
Guess which party talked about the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act and which one didn't mention it.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell argued that the Voting Rights Act is working on its 50th anniversary, and offered no plan to repair the section struck down two years ago by the Supreme Court.
He also mocked the idea that voter impersonation fraud is actually a thing that happens.
The states' rights champion then did something unexpected. He launched into a rhetorical critique of his party, and himself
If playing politics with the franchise is an unfortunate part of our past, it should be abhorrent to our modern democracy. At the start of a new presidential cycle, one without an incumbent, it is time to call a truce on voting.
"We think this is an issue of national importance that should be resolved before the 2016 election cycle, so we do think
The new formula would also cover counties, townships and other political subdivisions that have three violations over the
The proposed bill establishes a new coverage formula that will affect at least four states that have violated federal law in the last fifteen years. Unlike its predecessor, this coverage formula is based on more recent voting rights violations rather than decades old registration and turnout data.
Attorney General Eric Holder said the court decision would "negatively affect millions of Americans" and vowed to "take swift
Without voting rights, our struggle for women's rights, civil rights, LGBT rights, immigrants' rights and workers' rights is just a conversation. We know that a handful of voter fraud cases have been used to silence millions of voices and we must change that.