The actor said the "inappropriate" interviews for her films "Heartbreakers" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer” would often be "about boobs and body stuff."
The singer reflected on a 2008 appearance on the comedian's talk show, during which DeGeneres pressured her into revealing a rumored pregnancy.
The actor talked about starring opposite Cruise in "Mission: Impossible 2," saying he "wasn't horrible," but was "really stressed" on set.
The vultures often "defecate and vomit ... onto buildings below that house employees and equipment," noted a CBP representative.
The "Batman Forever" filmmaker said he's "never kissed and told."
The lovebirds, residing in Amsterdam, have been a couple for several years.
The animals reportedly ate meat from a cow carcass that was laced with pesticides.
The film series would be like 10 VHS tapes long, for starters.