The animals reportedly ate meat from a cow carcass that was laced with pesticides.
The film series would be like 10 VHS tapes long, for starters.
The encounter gives new meaning to the phrase "pigging out."
Transitioning into galleries, he continues to use wheat paste and paint public space, running his own "ad campaigns" with graffiti and posters to reach as many free minds as possible.
In his new book, In Real Life: Love, Lies & Identity in the Digital Age, Nev Schulman -- the boyish host of the MTV show
Well, we certainly wouldn't want to be that person ... 3. Olivia Pope doesn't always wear white. 2. The uniforms in "Orange
) Check out this utterly charming animated short from Vulture and McSweeney's featuring the brilliant H. Jon Benjamin ("Bob's
Known for her rather raunchy and often controversial comedy, Silverman rarely uses a filter in her stand-up routines. Her
Ever since joining "Breaking Bad," Bob Odernkirk has been one of the most surprisingly effective actors on the show, portraying