vw scandal

"From 2019, tougher European rules on diesel engines will involve measuring emissions in real-world driving conditions, making
Rep. Rosa DeLauro - via Flickr A proposal tabled by Connecticut Rep. Rosa DeLauro last week may give the Committee on Foreign
The year 2015 was a pivotal time when humanity turned more decisively toward building a thriving and sustainable world.
We have been promoting technologies which may be incompatible with clean air. It's not the first time we've made this mistake. Biofuels were promoted widely a decade ago. Now we see that corn ethanol is far from being carbon neutral if coal fuels its manufacturing processes.
"Either your organization is incompetent, or they are complicit."
"I will be very open: this won't be painless," the new CEO said.
The VW emissions charade is not a potential car accident issue, but a more pervasive health issue. With this cover up VW evaporated all the good will it has built over the years.
Last night, the long awaited Tesla Model X was launched and Elon Musk took great pleasure in underlining its clean air qualities. He couldn't contain a smile, as he talked about air quality and referred to "recent events," i.e. the VW DieselGate scandal.
Today we live in a world of versions and releases and patches and fixes - we have been socialized to accept product failure as the price of entry into great things, and we dutifully plod on waiting for the next release, hoping that they will fix whatever it is that isn't working.
Porsche chief Matthias Müller is the new man in charge.
In April of 2015, Volkswagen of America, Inc. (VOWG_p.DE) sent letters to California owners of diesel-powered Audis and Volkswagens