For W magazine, by Caroline Grosso. Designers in New York were still grappling with the outcome of the election, and how
How do you first approach designing for a new show? I always start with a breakdown of the script, a map of where the character
Success often depends on our ability to present a socially acceptable image. Ideally, our social image aligns with our authentic self or essence.
After my driver pulled away is when I realized the keys to my house were with the car, back at the shop. It was freezing
For installment #2 of AWE's Inspirational Female Leaders Showcase Series, we have chosen Denny Post, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer, at Red Robin.
One of George W. Bush's arteries was 95% blocked.
The World Post
Every week, we bring you some of the most fascinating photos from around the world. This week, we've got a fight in the Taiwanese
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2. Describe your perfect day off. I love sweet smells -- Tom Ford Black Orchid. 17. Which designer would you want to create
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Not that we've got a problem with that. Excited as we were for Crystal's Sports Illustrated debut, we much prefer our favorite
In 30 years, women are settled in everywhere from the CEO's office to the Supreme Court to the battlefield to earth orbit. The term "first woman" that signified every breakthrough has lost its news value. There is just not that much of note to break through these days. With one exception.
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The former pop star also gets a hair makeover with some Kennedy-esque waves. It may not be as cool as Timberlake's typical
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How bad is the copycatting? We've certainly seen similar photo shoots before, as fashion tends to return to its favorite
Why would Barbara Kruger, one of the seminal feminist artist icons of the past century, collaborate on a W cover featuring It- monster Kim Kardashian?
Recently discovered ­letters, documents and photographs of Anne Frank and her family will form the basis of a new book acquired
Conservative South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint (R) will endorse Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams' Senate candidacy
Let me give you the story, the plot of The Visitor: A man comes home to his rarely used NYC apartment to find two illegal immigrants squatting there. Trespassing.