9. The two traditional stops on the road trip are IHOP in Waco, Texas and a Braum's Ice Cream in Oklahoma. 4. Spiro, Oklahoma
Established in 1845 by the final Congress of the Republic of Texas, Baylor University in Waco is the state’s oldest continually
The FBI's former chief hostage negotiator tells us how he'd handle the occupation in Burns.
So, what is the historic Waco he hopes Americans will forget? While the men were conveniently silenced in the morgue, hospital
On May 17, 2015, numerous motorcycle groups met in Waco, Texas for a Confederation of Club's joint meeting. Scheduled at a Twin Peaks restaurant, they set out to discuss laws, mutual rules, and common ground. It would be hard to anticipate that lunch with fellow bikers (which included a mix of 1 percenter outlaw, U.S. Veteran and Christian groups) would turn into bloody mayhem.
Police arrested 177 people in the shooting that killed nine and wounded 20.
Lafayette General Medical Center had been the recipient of a similar gesture following a movie theater shooting in July.
Between March and June, 2015, making national news seemed to be a frequent occurrence for Texas as Austin, Garland, Waco, Overton, and McKinney experienced unprecedented media coverage. Meanwhile, as the Tea Party conservatives maintained control of the legislature, Texas also gained notoriety in many other areas.