Waco, Texas

My mother raised me to respect myself. To know the names of my body parts. To let her know when I wanted to get on birth
The anti-lynching protest became known as the first mass demonstration by African Americans.
Gaines' attorney told KWTX the claims against the reality star are "meritless."
Chip Gaines seemed to hint at claims that he and his wife attend an anti-LGBTQ church.
What is so gripping about Rise of the Robots is the unpredictability of the jobs being wiped out. Ford argues that nearly EVERY job or position can be ultimately eliminated by technology, especially as artificial intelligence improves.
The Texas Department of Public Safety released a bulletin warning police of new threats from biker gangs angered over the shootout in Waco last Sunday.
Merchant and Warren reported from Dallas. Authorities have said the shooting began during an apparent confrontation between
On Sunday, over 190 members of a biker gang were arrested after a bloody shootout in Waco, Texas, that left nine people dead
Whites lead when it comes to gang violence too: 53.3 percent of gang-related murders between 1980 and 2008 were committed
The more perspective and understanding we have on life, and the less we play into their hands and let people who want to terrorize us have their way, whether domestic or foreign, the better we honor loss -- all loss -- and ourselves.