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“It was moments of heaven and then moments of hell," Wade Davis said of his time as a closeted pro football player.
As 45 and his minions attempt to divide and conquer, women of color, nonbinary conforming folk, LGBTQ people, immigrants
We sit on subways alongside people carrying a diverse wealth of life experiences and worldviews, yet don't even make eye
"Even though I was fighting to end homophobia, I realized the root of homophobia was sexism."
Wade has studied and lived with Indigenous communities around the world for over forty years. I Interviewed him during the Paris Climate summit about what's at stake for indigenous communities.
The World Series between the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants features two teams that were pretty good in the regular season but have been played either excellent (the Giants) or almost flawless (the Royals) baseball during the postseason. There is a clear path to winning for both teams.
The stories, players and characters behind this World Series are as compelling as in almost any year. If you're a baseball fan and don't realize that, you haven't been paying attention.
We are so jaded and skewed in our thinking that true creativity is being stymied and atrophied because we don't get that digital isn't everything.
Former NFL player Wade Davis is consistently growing and evolving. It would take some years before the athlete would get centered and in a space where he was able to love others around him and himself.
Michael Sam is a gay black man, but should that be a strike against him because there are people too afraid to play alongside him?
(h/t Towleroad) In a time where high profile athletes are now coming out of the closet, organizations such as "You Can Play
It was California Proposition 8 that pushed us to make -- perhaps angered us to make -- The Out List in the first place. It airs on HBO, June 27th, the 44th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.
Above, watch a clip of Davis discussing gay pro athletes with Joy Behar. The former Tennessee Titans player and HuffPost
The National Football League met with LGBT rights groups last week about the push to end homophobia in sports, at a time when speculation increases over whether the first gay player will soon come out in professional athletics. Amanda Terkel joins Ahmed to discuss.
Still, the participants in last week's NFL meeting were optimistic that the league is committed to creating a more accepting
One theory about Te'o's non-existent girlfriend is that the All-American Linebacker is gay. Why is homosexuality still considered a detriment to someone's career? Former NFL player Wade Davis, Cyd Zeigler and Howard Bragman join Ahmed to discuss.
-- Wade Davis, the former NFL player, gives a revealing and fascinating interview to the Daily Beast about 'semi-open' gay
Now, however, the 34-year-old Davis is coming forward about the challenges of being a gay man in the NFL for the first time