waffle iron

YouTube/MyCupcakeAddiction YouTube/MyCupcakeAddiction YouTube/MyCupcakeAddiction To take the waffle route, you'll need sugar
Waffle irons are one of those appliances that sit in the top of the cupboard and come out only rarely when someone decides it might be the right day of the year for waffles. But why are we relegating them to single-food status?
Turn your tater-tots into hash-browns, your quesadilla into a quesa-waffle and your frozen popcorn chicken into chicken waffles.
By Lynn Andriani No need to limit the waffle iron to lazy, Sunday-morning breakfasts when you can use it at lunch to make
4. No one claws you over a waffle-maker at home. We all love breakfast, but this is a little ridiculous: But are all the
Waffles mean different things to different people. In the U.S., we eat them for breakfast topped with whipped cream and a
Artist Andrew Lewicki wants to help class up breakfast, and has created the Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker.