wage theft

The administration's "joint employer" rule could help big corporations like McDonald's avoid wage theft claims. Now its future is in doubt.
A new study shines a light on the murky world of forced arbitration
The bureaucratic nightmare of holding employers accountable for wage theft is a glimpse into America's two-tiered justice system.
The Trump administration is rolling out a plan that would help insulate big franchisers from allegations of wage theft.
The burrito chain has asked a court to exclude 2,814 workers from a massive wage theft lawsuit because they signed mandatory arbitration agreements.
Mr. Puzder has made demeaning comments about women and his company has a record of sexual harassment and sex discrimination
The head of Hardee's and Carl's Jr could potentially be in charge of workplace safety and wage theft investigations.
When Donald Trump's transportation secretary nominee led the Labor Department, auditors found it wasn't performing one of its most basic duties.
NCCI paid its couriers as employees until 2004 when it made the decision to start treating them as independent contractors