wage theft

A new study shines a light on the murky world of forced arbitration
The bureaucratic nightmare of holding employers accountable for wage theft is a glimpse into America's two-tiered justice system.
The Trump administration is rolling out a plan that would help insulate big franchisers from allegations of wage theft.
The burrito chain has asked a court to exclude 2,814 workers from a massive wage theft lawsuit because they signed mandatory arbitration agreements.
* Crystal, Sonya and Rachel are member activists of 9to5, National Association of Working Women. Working women and our families
The head of Hardee's and Carl's Jr could potentially be in charge of workplace safety and wage theft investigations.
When Donald Trump's transportation secretary nominee led the Labor Department, auditors found it wasn't performing one of its most basic duties.
Annamaria Prati: We are building a model that uses Census data and business characteristics, such as industry codes, demographics
Montana hotel workers reach a whopping $4 million settlement.
According to the Labor Department, low-wage workers who serve food were getting stiffed right under senators' noses.
It's so convenient during summer lunch hours or just after work to pop into a nail salon for an inexpensive manicure or pedicure
Yes, Donald Trump is a businessman. But that word doesn't mean the same thing to everyone. He uses it as an excuse for things he's done and said, the details of which continue to emerge--as this week's revelation on his company's tax evasion makes clear.