Stephen Leatherman has delivered his 2019 list of the best beaches in the United States.
The push comes as Waikiki Beach faces frequent flooding thanks to climate change's rising sea levels.
In the dark, senses are heightened. We couldn't see the landscape around us. Some blinded themselves with their hand held
I didn't know if I should dodge to the right or to the left. The elephantine rat was charging at me. I looked down at my
If you have a sweet tooth you'll want to stop by Leonard's Bakery just outside of Waikiki in Kapahulu for its famous malasadas. Located in Hawaii since the early 1950s, Leonard's Bakery serves up these sugarcoated Portuguese donuts daily.
A collection of HULA MOONs can be found here on the Huffington Post or on Facebook. I left before he finished his sales pitch
We stared in open-faced wonder at the sea together as the sun baked its goodness into our skin. So tender. So sweet. My mind flashed to the memory of meeting this child in such a malnourished state. And here she was--healthy, happy, splashing in a piece of paradise people around the world penny pinch to see.
Beyond the economic and practical benefits of the motorbike in Hawai'i, the thrills far outweigh the many dangers.
Aiming for extra curricular class credit, this abbreviated dissertation shall detail the economic, philosophical, lifestyle