wait wait... don't tell me

"I meant to say I wouldn't choose that answer," the former FBI director quipped on the news quiz show.
While on a tapas crawl the other week, I was brought back to San Sebastian where I hopped from bar to bar taking in a glass of wine, delicious bites called pintxos and great company -- an essential part of the Basque experience.
National Public Radio affiliates, I'm asking you -- in this era of endless reports on ways people are hurting the planet and each other -- to occasionally broadcast some temporary relief.
According to the study, male public radio listeners demonstrate lower testosterone levels, a tendency to shop at Trader Joe's, and an uncanny ability to identify Sarah Vowell.
In an effort to get the word out about their latest fundraising drive, Chicago public radio station WBEZ has turned to the
Everyone complains about shouting heads on cable TV and the sorry state of our political discourse, but few people seem to realize that we can do something about it.
WASHINGTON -- WAMU 88.5-FM, D.C.'s much-loved public radio station, is turning 50. For those not on the black tie gala/France
Can a hairstyle really impact a woman's physical health? I'll tell you this. When I looked in Wanda's mirror after this past haircut, I nearly had a heart attack.
Previously we told you about Bronies, a growing subculture of men who, for whatever reason, really like the "My Little Pony
Peter Sagal stopped by to discuss his show, career and his work on... Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.
For the past two days, Peter Sagal has been harassed by an invisible dwarf. Metaphorically, of course. Read more on TribLocal
PAULA: Sure, rub it in. PETER: Thanks, Carl! Hello, everyone! We're going to be cutting our show a little short today, because
According to National Public Radio, Carl Kasell will be stepping down from his post as newscaster on December 30, 2009. Born
On the looser dress code in the Obama White House, he said, "That was carefully considered," Axelrod said. Referencing the
Make sure to donate $20, or just head to your local goodwill, and find yourself one of those canvas totes. Then you can carry around your new-found sense of superiority with you at all times.
"Wait, Wait . . . Don't Tell Me," the popular NPR quiz show produced out of Chicago, is trying its hands at a TV version
Tonight's installment of NPR's comical weekly news quiz show is a rare one, indeed: Host Peter Sagal, scorekeeper Carl Kasell