Here's how to make the dining experience more pleasant for everyone.
"What's in it?" [Answer: the ingredients listed on the menu.] But the coup de grace is the check. This, he maintains, makes
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In addition, in today's economic environment showing a high income on your tax return is a must for basics like signing a
Waiters talk horror stories, drunk customers and whether there's a partisan generosity gap.
12. The server makes it seem like you are crazy when you ask him why he changed his phone's password and keeps deleting texts
Some people say there's no such thing as a stupid question, but those people have never been asked about the gluten content of a margarita. Bartenders field questions like this all the time. So sad.
How to Hack Whole Foods The customer isn't always right, but since it's terribly awkward to tell them they're wrong, restaurant
The hierarchy is alive and well, friends. But we all know that's no recipe for a beautiful world -- whether you're scooping up garbage for a living or performing high risk brain surgery. We all have a story, we all have joys and pains and we all deserve to be treated decently.
Work is hard, but there are certain jobs that may require a little more grit than others. Those that can successfully navigate through these professions will come out with an exceptional work ethic that can set them up for success anywhere.
You, responsible human, know the general drill: Walk into a restaurant, wait patiently to be seated, tip 18 to 20 percent. But did you realize that leaving your phone on the table stresses waiters out to no end?
If a restaurant server was completely honest about everything, do you really think you'd want to eat there ever again? Probably
Show up on time for your reservation. This helps the whole operation run smoothly.
The service industry can be a jumping point between other jobs or a lifelong vocation. But even some of the most hardened, battle-scarred servers eventually decide that they don't want their feet to hurt all the damn time. So they quit.
Tipping pushes waiters into poverty, so let's stop doing it.
With darkness falling on almost every aspect of our news' lives these days, it's not irreverent to experience some joyful moments to reset the imbalance.
Waiters are used to dealing with a lot of things: incompetent managers, infallible chefs, and, of course, insane patrons.
When Makenzie and Steven Schultz of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, had a less than optimal dining experience for their sixth wedding
The Washington, D.C. restaurant industry is not only a haven for big shot restaurateurs, it's quickly becoming a strong industry for restaurant workers as well. Let's just take a look at some of the ways this is true.