Waiting To Exhale

The novel was adapted into a classic 1995 film of the same title, starring Angela Bassett, Whitney Houston, Loretta Devine and Lela Rochon.
"Sometimes you read a script and you just don't know what it's going to be."
Each year the Academy Awards’ Board of Governors collectively comes together to celebrate the various achievements in motion
What I found so incredibly fascinating, indeed appealing about Whitney was her ability to be America's girl-next-door while also being our around-the-way-homegirl.
Myself and [screenwriter] Lori Lakin Hutcherson wrote drafts for the film and then Whitney passed away. And so now the studio
In September 2010, Fox picked up sequel rights to the drama "Waiting to Exhale." However, despite Houston's death over the
From Nathaniel Hawthorne's classic novel, "The Scarlet Letter," to Elizabeth Gilbert's more contemporary, "Eat, Pray, Love
Yup, it would be quite a literary world if all books contained as much mayhem as Cormac McCarthy novels.
Houston, who had previously starred in "The Bodyguard," with Kevin Costner, has only done one film since "Exhale": 1996's