Every time I clock in, I struggle with the reality that people’s lives are at risk.
The "Waitress" composer isn't going to sit back and be quiet: "It felt like the right choice for me to make a political statement."
The man behind the supersize gratuity, YouTube star MrBeast, is known for videos featuring extreme acts of generosity.
Jasmine Brewer has received $175 from other people angered by the racist message.
"You can stand up for yourself," Emelia Holden said.
7. Ride the Cyclone - Ride the Cyclone starts with a painfully grim premise -- a small group of high school students are
"We love you!" Carol said. But Anilee, 30, the mother of two toddlers who also has been a photojournalist and studied to
When we imagine the life of a server, many of us think of the struggling 20-year-old cocktail waitress who doesn’t have a
Hollywood has a problem. It's largely run by rich straight white men who, for the most part, champion the work of other straight white men. According to well publicized statistics, if you're a black, Hispanic, female or LBGT actor of director you've not been invited to the party. Getting jobs, good jobs, Oscar potential jobs, is nearly impossible.