Waiters talk horror stories, drunk customers and whether there's a partisan generosity gap.
The state appeals court said the casino's personal appearance standards are allowed.
We're giving to a person who is working hard and trying to support her family on minimum wage and $2 tips. But this moment of giving is not just for her -- it's also for us.
As long as I behave the way I know I need to, I'll never lose the most important respect of all -- respect for myself. And self-respect is the core requirement for a happy life.
And there is the key to Christmas joy. The little-known secret of Christmas is that our joy is full when we study and learn from Mary as servant, God as servant, Jesus as servant, and become servants ourselves. When we do, our joy will be full.
There isn’t enough Xanax in the universe to make the blood money of Christmas time in the service industry entirely tolerable.
An Atlantic City judge ruled casino waitresses can be fired for gaining weight because they signed up to become “sex objects." Should employees be able to sign away their rights when it comes to workplace discrimination? Guest Debra Ginsberg shares her story.
In this day and age, it's very hard to find a dedicated employee who has worked for one company that long. What really makes Connie unique? She is a professional waitress, through and through.
I ask you, restaurant operators, do you use second- or third-string players on slow nights, hoping they won't mess up too much? If so, how do you avoid major missteps? And readers, do you sense you're dealing with second stringers on slow nights?
This Mother's Day, wherever you take your mom, ask the manager at the end of the meal about the hourly wage of servers and bussers in the restaurant before tips, and whether they provide paid sick days.
The one irrefutable fact which restaurant lobbyists seem intent on ignoring is that in the eight states, including California, which do not have tipped penalties on restaurant workers, the restaurant industry is thriving.
The Boom Boom Room has become a posh hangout for models, designers and celebrities. Recently it played host to the 'Blue
You can read more about Don at www.donmcnay.com McNay founded McNay Settlement Group, a structured settlement and financial
The New York Times has published the "100 Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do." Clearly this is a contentious relationship. Now it's time to turn the tables.
I'm well aware that many people in service industries work for low hourly rates and thus need tips to earn a decent wage. The question is, why the hell have we evolved into a tip-earning economy?