Boseman was behind the "Black Panther" symbol, which sparked a movement.
Some of the actor's tiniest fans pay tribute with their Wakanda-inspired costumes.
The card from OneUnited Bank shows the legendary abolitionist making a cross-armed gesture that clearly has multiple meanings.
Alas, there was no USDA entry for vibranium, the fictional metal from space that is the source of Wakanda’s power.
“Black Panther” will come back to movie theaters during Black History Month.
“Black Panther” has received an Oscar nomination for best picture, making it the first superhero movie to ever receive the honor.
"Black Panther" was more than a hit movie, it was a moment for America to look critically upon our past and look ahead toward a better future.
Some "Black Panther" fans were not happy with the retailer, to say the least.
The congresswoman gets a standing ovation after bishop tells audience to let Auntie Maxine know: "We got your back."