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A quarter of U.S. parents fear for their children's safety while at school, according to a Gallup survey.
If I used the words "honest" and "business" in the same sentence, would you burst into uncontrolled laughter? Uncontrolled
by Ben Berliner After being locked out of the NCAA tournament for its entire 78-year history, Northwestern University‘s basketball
Nevertheless, it is up to the lawyers to determine how and on what laws and literature their arguments will be formed. Each
"There was never much of any concern about the personal costs, emotionally, fiscally, sometimes literally in terms of safety," the former host said.
Today, you can look at the College Republican chapters and College Democrats chapters as the future voices of the parties, and people should be concerned that many of these leaders choose to ostracize all those who do not agree with their points of view.
I truly believe that we are going to see a true melting pot that is the Sanders campaign. This is not the campaign of the establishment. This is not the campaign for the advantaged. This is the campaign for those who have had enough.
From 2005-2014, Koch spent $109.7 million on 361 distinct campuses, according to Greenpeace's updated analysis of IRS filings from Koch's nonprofit foundations.
People need to acknowledge, that though this is a huge victory, there are more victories to be had. I still have a lot to be thankful for as a cisgendered, straight male. It is still not easy to be a gay or transgendered person in the United States. But this is a definite positive. Today we celebrate, but tomorrow we get back to work.
Rather than propping up an anything-goes gun culture, religion may be part of the solution in promoting conversations that move beyond the partisan divides that have immobilized debates over gun control.
The events in Ferguson remind us that it important to address allegations of police brutality and to assess the underlying causes of the subsequent violence that continues to occur in that community.
Here's the story of a heroic individual bucking the system. But what a system! Pharmaceutical companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars to develop and patent drugs that might prolong cancer patients' lives a few months or years.
“I regret to tell you … that Jill Abramson informed me today, given the circumstances this week in her life, that she is
The number of birds as of 2012 was down to 6,423, compared to an estimated 20,000 in the 1960s. Researchers say one reason for the decline may be a scarcity of sardines in the waters surrounding the Galápagos Islands.
In recent months, state constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage have fallen like dominos, struck down by federal judges in states ranging from Texas, Utah, Michigan and Virginia among others.