"I, for one, welcome our new goat overlords," tweeted a journalist in the Welsh town.
The "Girls" actor split with longtime boyfriend Jack Antonoff in 2017.
Her note was found 60 miles from Wales, where she threw it into the ocean.
The perpetrator in Wales barbarically left the little creature to die, but it survived.
The couple shared a "cheeky" moment during the visit, a witness said.
For Condé Nast Traveler, by Meredith Carey. You may not like his character Ramsay Bolton on HBO’s award-winning “Game of
It might surprise you to know there are more than 600 castles in Wales, and if you're coming to Cardiff, you can't avoid
Edmund Burke famously said, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." His warning, taken
"He was in his 80s and his doctor had put him on a special diet," Dave remembered. "He came over one day and said he wasn't
The first place I stay brings to mind what Basil Fawlty's bed and breakfast might look like if he had an exceptional chef
In this case the anticipation of the outcome in Cleveland alone was enough to support a massive fan interest. At the center
All over the world, people are going gaga for the underdog team with the fierce Welsh dragon crest on the team's chests. After the Belgium win, Twitter went wacky for Wales, a country that had never even qualified for the Euro tournament previously.