When coaching my clients on this, I get them to focus on the little things first--the daily routines and habits that ensure they're locked in and ready to give the day their best effort. And I've found that there is no time more pivotal to creating the day's momentum than in the morning.
Most Americans touring England go to the romantic Cotswolds -- rolling hills with quaint villages hidden in its ravines. The
Yeah, I’m kind of embarrassed to admit it, but it’s true.
Yes, walking. The beauty of walking as exercise is that it takes little to no equipment (just some shoes and maybe a little
Mental illness is the most stigmatized illness. Stigma prevents people from getting help. On average, it takes eight to ten
Millions of stars When I came to an area where they are trying to eradicate the Cinnamon Fungus there were instructions on
Here are some cool happiness hacks you can do RIGHT NOW!
What would it feel like to remind yourself about what you've achieved in a week? What's made you smile... Made you laugh... How you've helped others...what you're proud of and ultimately what's made you happy?
My son Dexter and I took a walk on my mom's property in northern New Hampshire this past Thanksgiving. There are cliffs that sit high atop her 100 acres of land that I have never climbed to. This is where my mother wants her ashes scattered.