An online petition calling for stores to stop profiting from firearms after shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, has gained more than 55,000 signatures.
Employees plan a walkout for Wednesday after executives refused to stop selling furniture intended for migrant detention centers.
A Google spokesperson reiterated the company's stance that no retaliation occurred.
Activists and high school students are fighting for justice for Jamar Clark and the five protesters shot on Monday.
From the East coast to the West, here are photos of walkouts that took place around the nation: During the demonstrations
Beck, on the other hand, was called in to meet with managers Tuesday night. "They said they couldn't guarantee my job would
Marc is joined by community members D.J. Pangburn, Hayley Rose Horzepa, Jess Koslow and Jewel Fryer to discuss the anniversary of Steve Jobs' death.
At lectures, I'm often asked by teachers to recommend course materials in Latino Studies. One strategy that worked for me was to use films. Here are ten titles that worked for me.