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"Carmen fought for a very long time for her family's house and had seen firsthand the effects of the crimes the banks committed
The resignation of Greg Smith may or may not be the beginning of something big, but more and more of these events are happening and one of them could provide the tipping point for an irreversible change in culture.
Occupy DC is making an impact nationally. As of this date, all of the leading presidential candidates have started talking about the occupy movement. There has never been a protest like it in the history of the country.
We have a message for Wall Street. It's time to pay back for the damage you have wrought. A meaningful tax on financial instruments could harvest up to $350 billion every year to help reframe the economy and heal America.
The hidden meaning of Occupy may involve an instinctive response to the threat of nihilism and the rise of emptiness; it may be a collective attempt to find the heart and soul of America again.
The battle cry of the 53% has focused on accusing the unemployed of being lazy, but thinking that way is, in reality, pretty lazy.
What if the angry, the unruly, and the unbathed start lighting torches and come knocking at my door to snag my flatscreen TV and my George Foreman grill, which is great for making panini sandwiches?
The lack of empathy for what Occupy Wall Street would call the 99% is manifest wherever Tea Party Republicans come to power.
The point here is that the issue should be debated with an open mind. As Still's song reminds us, "Nobody's right if everybody's wrong."
I've felt like an old veteran at the Occupy Durham general assemblies -- thrilled to see the burst of enthusiasm, terrified lest most of it perish like the radish seedlings that I just thinned in the fall garden
Who exactly are the 1%? Or more specifically, who among them are abusing their power and making life more difficult for everyone else?
Also at the march Wednesday were members of Occupy Des Moines, passing out fliers and inviting people to join them in Iowa
At Boston Rising, we don't believe that we are "helping the poor." We believe that we're clearing the way for the next rising class.
In my youth we used the word "sit-in," instead of "Occupy," but the movements are essentially the same kind of phenomenon, both symbolic forms of resistance to an oppressive social or economic status quo.
HuffPost asks 99-percenters what they think about young people who still take jobs on Wall Street.
Although the message of the Occupy protests is muddled at times, they do underscore the fact that the state of the nation has grown worse, from economic concerns to threats to our civil liberties.
Times have changed since the civil rights movement, but it's promising to see people take advantage of their right to protest -- it's promising, but it's not enough.
"Gay men have better bodies, on the whole," Rivers is quoted as saying. "That's number one, and number two: They care more
Most of Bank of America's competitors have decided not to impose a debit card fee and even Bank of America itself is looking to modify (or hopefully eliminate) the charge. Chalk this up as an Occupy Wall Street victory.