The animal was lassoed and brought aboard after passengers saw it struggling far offshore.
Thanks to government support of a controlled breeding program and one particularly fertile male, the wallaby population is experiencing a resurgence in Australia.
Zookeepers were initially concerned about the joey's adaptation to his new home, but Makaia lived successfully with his wallaby
A video uploaded to YouTube features the moment two rescued orphan joeys, Gough and Salvador, from the Daintree Wonder Tours
Australia is a massive country with so much to see. It was impossible to do it all in one fell swoop. But diving and snorkeling both coasts and checking out a couple of lesser-known, nearby cities was an amazing way to get a glimpse of this incredibly versatile country.
(A Hawaiian wallaby spotted in 2013.) Wallabies are native to Australia so the elusive family of brush-tailed rock wallabies
"We caught the two females within a short space of time," Rake said to the Press Association, "but the male has been extremely
I recently made my debut appearance on Chelsea Lately on E!, so this week's Animal Oddity is about fun television segments.
Yellow-footed rock wallabies are found in southern Australia. They have "strong hind legs and large feet for jumping and