A Pittsburgh driver made a peculiar discovery after smelling something burning during a drive.
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The study was certain to point out that a well-balanced diet is still the key to living a healthy life at all stages. This
Pasta and chickpeas may seem unlikely bowl-mates, but the two are combined in recipes from several regions of Italy. If you love pasta e fagioli (beans), it isn't much of a leap to pasta e ceci, as chickpeas are called in Italian.
Just consider the grocery store your new beauty counter.
We would likely all benefit by eating nuts, walnuts perhaps in particular, more often. We would benefit by eating doughnuts
Could a handful of walnuts a day really keep the doctor away? For patients at risk for Type 2 diabetes, perhaps.
It's the July 4th weekend. My wife, Kathy, and I have a bag full of red, white and blue pinwheels, some Stars and Stripes-brand snack cakes and a packet of mini-flags. We're nearly set for a holiday blowout in the country. Strangely, none of the stores is stocked with hot dogs or chips. No one around us seems to be doing the same.
Yet another study from 2013 found that people who added nuts to their diets lost more weight. In a press release, Arab said