Walter Cronkite

Everyone knows TV political journalism failed us during the 2016 campaign. Everyone knows TV news was clueless about Trump
When Donald Trump invoked Walter Cronkite while defending himself last month, I nearly fell off my chair. I was appalled
It wasn't always this way. Back in the '70s, CBS' Walter Cronkite was called the "most trusted man in America." When Cronkite
There is now growing evidence that a hostile foreign power has done that of which Mr. Hamilton warned.
Where is Walter when we need him? #ElectionStress
Nov. 4 would have been the newscaster's 100th birthday.
The media are dumbing down what is presented to readers and viewers to the extent that I'd argue it's bordering on criminal.
“So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause.”
The news alert flashed on my cell phone as I was caring for my young granddaughters. There had been another mass shooting, this time in Florida. I quickly read the horrible details and immediately thought of my grandchildren.
However, there has been the recent passing of another who occupies greater real estate in my cortex and who single-handedly