walter palmer dentist

Dr. Walter Palmer was fined nearly $3,000 after trying to cover it up.
We cannot separate our dignity from that of other creatures. It is just as intrinsically linked to that of the starving poachers of Zimbabwe as it is to that of the animals they are poaching. If we really do have intrinsic individual worth, its value ought to be greater than any mantelpiece trophy.
For a while, it wasn't clear whether Palmer would face any legal consequences for his alleged actions. Late Friday, however, it was revealed that the Zimbabwean government has asked the United States to extradite Palmer. That's a significant development.
I am happy that this week I didn't have to discover that my crowns and root canals were funding a man who uses my money to kill the worlds most rare and beautiful creatures. That my veneers didn't help pay for the destruction of the last few white rhinos. Or that my cavity fillings were funding the slow and painful death of a spectacular male lion in Zimbabwe.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife said it will assist "in whatever manner requested."