walter scott shooting

At the time of the announcement, and still today, a fair amount of people do not understand what this means for the case.
The jury deliberated over four days.
Fleeing a traffic stop, Scott was shot by the officer and the incident captured on video.
He decided to change sides after a 20-minute conversation with the Vermont senator.
Slager will stand trial in October for killing the unarmed black motorist in South Carolina.
The Southern States Police Benevolent Association informed Mark Slager four days after the shooting it wouldn't represent him.
Solicitor Scarlett Wilson did "not have time" to explain her record.
“This morning, the grand jury made the decision to indict Mr. Slager for murder, and we’re very pleased and happy about that
Over the past year, countless amateur videos have flooded the internet involving alleged accounts of police misconduct towards citizens.
How do we eliminate the bias against black skin which seems to be so inextricably linked to issues of discrimination that have a real impact on the progress of African-Americans? Economic investment, legal reform and improvements in education are certainly needed. But, I also believe that positive multicultural media is part of the solution.