Walter Shaub

The president gets called out for turning the White House into a propaganda tool.
While Trump is exempt from the law banning political activity by government workers in government facilities, hundreds of White House employees are not.
“Lawlessness is not just tolerated in the Trump administration; it’s virtually required," writes Walter Shaub.
"The would-be dictator wants to withhold funding based on the content of speech. So much for the Constitution," said ethics expert Walter Shaub.
"The absolute and total lack of shame is breathtaking. Just an utter inability to hear herself," one Twitter user responded.
Ivanka Trump’s old emails are resurfacing again with the upcoming release of John Bolton’s tell-all book.
Messages obtained by American Oversight get new attention after being highlighted on social media by former White House ethics chief Walter Shaub.
Chris Evans, Alyssa Milano and Mark Hamill joined conservatives, lawmakers and others in calling out the president's coronavirus comments.
It was so "heartbreakingly good," former White House ethics chief Walter Shaub wrote.
Former White House ethics chief Walter Shaub called it the "absolute nightmare" he has warned against.