Wang Yi

“My wife is Japanese -- my wife is Chinese,” Jeremy Hunt told his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi.
Wang Yi has become the secretary of the Communist Youth League of Henan provincial party committee in her mid 30s. If she
Media is also taking a firm stand. One of the good examples is Global Times, a Chinese newspaper under the People's Daily
Courting Qatar would also enable China to pressure these countries to solve the security issues in the region. Undeniably
Sinking into the plush chairs in the cavernous Fujian Room of China's Great Hall of the People, I soak in my surroundings as President Xi Jinping's interpreter artfully translates Xi's Chinese aphorisms into poetic English.
Throughout the 21st century, China's ties with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have strengthened in various domains. China and the UAE's growing relationship is a case in point.
The U.S. and several Southeast Asian nations have been harshly critical of China for expanding several coral reefs through dredging in the South China Sea, and building a runway on one of them, actions that the Americans fear may be used for military operations.