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Some dogs were left in kennels for up to 11 months, beyond a deadline for giving them away for adoption or re-using them in the military or other government agencies.
Brought to you by Todd Phillips, director of The Hangover and its two mangled offspring, War Dogs stars Jonah Hill (in what could either be an ill-advised buy-in or half-hearted middle finger to his new status as a "serious" actor) and Miles Teller as two young gunrunning guns out to make a quick buck off the War on Terror.
Bradley Cooper and Todd Phillips find their follow-up with a film based on a true story, starring Miles Teller and Jonah Hill.
And with all these activities, you're still donating time to do veterinary medical work? Yes. One Sunday a month, I work
“It’s a small number compared to the 2,000 dogs in the military,” acknowledged Aiello. “But the fact of the matter is that
With the latest news about controversies of Navy SEAL Mark Owen writing a book about killing Osama bin Laden, and the naming of former SEALs involved in the mission, SEALs are on everyone's mind.
Paterniti writes in National Geographic: This age-old bond between man and dog is the essence of our fascination with these
The CTT units faced the same issues we do today with our SEAL Team dogs and handlers. They train separately for a while and
Watching the Rose Bowl Parade on New Year's day, I was thrilled to see two special floats. One was the float celebrating Military Dogs, and the other was the one celebrating the Forgotten War. My war.
Many people might pity the dogs, who obviously don't have much choice in the matter. They don't join ROTC or go to a recruiting office. However, I've always believed that dogs who have a purpose thrive.
Military working dogs and their handlers can be together 24/7 while deployed. More often than not, the canine warriors eat and work and socialize with their handlers. They sleep in or near their handlers' cots. Some dogs crawl right into their sleeping bags.
In many ways, humans and wolves were made for each other. Both were highly social species who lived and hunted as family units where cooperation was essential to survival.
From Lisa Rogak: Military working dogs first gained widespread attention after people learned that a dog named Cairo participated
What if the U.S. government wanted your dog to enlist in the military? That's exactly the request that went out in 1942 shortly after Pearl Harbor.
Vapor wake dogs originated at Auburn University's College of Veterinary Medicine, according to ForeignPolicy.com, where scientists