war on marijuana

When I ask people why they believe marijuana should be legal, I generally hear two valid arguments. The first being, "Medical
While there will always be people who overcome the odds to achieve outstanding levels of success, it is not realistic to advocate that persistent marijuana smoking is a healthy lifestyle.
Now that recreational marijuana is legal in Oregon, Portland International Airport has given the OK to pot carrying passengers to board flights within the state.
Oregon ended marijuana prohibition at midnight Wednesday, joining Colorado, Washington state, Alaska and the District of Columbia in legalizing recreational use of the drug.
Legislation that still needs House and Senate approval would allow medical marijuana dispensaries to sell weed to the public
It has been a phenomenal year for Sonoma County's surging economy. Joblessness is below 5%, home values are soaring, and the County's treasury has been fattened by a record surplus of $13.5 million.
On April 3, 2015, Sonoma County's secret war on marijuana confronted an unprecedented roadblock. A freedom flash mob had gathered, overfilling a courtroom and packing the hallway outside. Nearly 100 upstanding citizens had taken off work that morning for Yarrow Kubrin.
Myths around marijuana have created a great deal of injury. People's lives have been destroyed due to arrest records. We've deprived countless patients from a helpful medicinal plant.
Loretta Lynch, the nominee for attorney general, said Wednesday during her confirmation hearing that she does not support
President Barack Obama said during a YouTube interview Thursday that he believes more states will consider legalizing recreational
For the first time, the sometimes competitive factions of the state's cannabis movement were sitting at the same table, discussing what an evolved legalization measure might look like.
A majority of Americans want each state to decide its own marijuana laws and don't want federal interference with those that legalize cannabis.
Third Way proposes a federal "waiver" system allowing a state to act outside of federal law on marijuana policy without fear
"Most of us understand, we do believe, those of us that are law enforcement executives, that the war on drugs, the 1980 drug
The movement to end marijuana prohibition has made significant progress recently, but it could all be undone when the next
Four U.S. states and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana and more than 20 have legalized medical
While Florida’s Amendment 2, which would have legalized marijuana for medical purposes, failed to reach the 60 percent approval
A new Gallup poll shows that while a majority of Americans still support legalization of marijuana, that majority has thinned out significantly in only a year's time.
To date, four states and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana, with sales legal in the states but
Earlier this year, Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell (R), an opponent of the measure, said he wasn't "excited about the prospect" of