war on science

Once the unrivaled leader in cutting-edge research, the United States now risks ceding breakthroughs in batteries and cancer treatment to other countries.
I say Ms. Hickox should keep going on her bike rides and continue living a normal American life. Even though we live in a paranoid and media driven society, Ms. Hickox should always remember that nobody can take away her rights as an American citizen.
Michael McCaul of Texas “Whereas recent events have uncovered extensive evidence from the Climate Research Unit at the University
The FIRST Act not only calls for funding that doesn’t even keep up with inflation, it intends to cut funding for the social
Yet despite two years worth of letters to EPA administrators, Smith said, President Obama and the EPA were "unwilling" to
The Obama administration and the scientific community at large are expressing serious alarm at a House Republican bill that they argue would dramatically undermine way research is conducted in America.
Titled the “Frontiers in Innovation, Research, Science, and Technology (FIRST) Act of 2014," the bill would put a variety
Dr. Francis Collins joins HuffPost Live at Davos 2014 to share his thoughts on the war on science.
WASHINGTON -- The chairman of the House Science Committee on Tuesday defended his controversial draft legislation that would
Republican consultant Frank Luntz, a master of words, made clear in a 2002 GOP strategy memo how conservatives would address the growing threat of climate change: They would simply deny it was happening.
The United States finds itself in an odd political predicament. One of its two major political parties is increasingly dominated by a faction of people that simply denies those aspects of reality it finds to be inconvenient.
The Olympia Snowes of the world can complain all they want about the lack of middle ground. But plaints like this misapprehend fundamentally the dynamics of American politics. We're polarized largely because one party -- Snowe's own -- has simply gone off the deep end.
What's bracing to see in 2011 is that facts themselves represent the same impediment for conservatives that political correctness did two decades ago -- as an appalling constraint on the right's God-given right to unabashed condemnation.
"Who are you going to believe? Me, a lifetime cop, or a bunch of wimpy doctors and nurses and pantywaist scientists in frilly
The fact that the Bush administration routinely allowed politics to trump science in the policy-making process is well-known and extensively documented. Yet, the media continue to act otherwise.
While skepticism is a virtue for any reporter, you'll have to excuse me if John Tierney's skepticism about the potential politicization of science under Obama seems oddly misplaced.
Can the United States really afford to toss away perfectly good physicists?
U.S. mayors resolve to avoid burning dirty tar sands oil, Bush signs $162B war spending bill for Iraq and Afghanistan, Afghanistan civilian death toll rises sharply, Scalia still blames Gore for the 2000 election debacle.
Political pressures apparently led the CDC to pull the report just days before a division of the agency was scheduled to release it.
Two Michigan Reps, John Dingell and Bart Stupak, have worked to derail a "revolutionary technology," known as modified atmospheric packaging with carbon monoxide.