war photography

Black-and-white images show the devastation of WWII. Color images suggest the hope.
War photographer Lynsey Addario carries a sense of peace even when capturing conflict zone images.
In the months between September 1940 and May 1941, the German air force engaged in a brutal and relentless bombing campaign
Contrasting Thorpe’s bird's-eye imagery of make-believe fighters are zoomed-in, head-on portraits of Western Saharan soldiers
The group is working with photographers all across the country, and HOS said readers can expect photos from Aleppo and Idlib
"Photography became my precious, vivid tool with which I could show the world's beauty and sad reality simultaneously. When I returned from Syria in the spring of 2013, I felt an overwhelming need to do everything I could to help the Syrian refugees and spread awareness of the crisis."
Approaching the two-year anniversary of Tim's tragic death in Misrata covering the risings of the Arab Spring, Sebastian Junger, his close friend and co-director of their Oscar-nominated Restrepo has created an extraordinary documentary of his friend's life.
2013-04-17-20130417BostonMarathonbombingvictimJohnTlumacki.jpgWhat takes me aback are how graphic the news photos are as compared to the almost total visual censorship of American war casualties over the past twelve years.
But the photographs don't just chronicle violence -- they also capture children and civilians; ceremonies and childhood bedrooms
This week, a powerfully written biography by Alan Huffman has come out on Tim Hetherington's life and death, titled Here I Am in reference to a moment that Hetherington finds himself in his own viewfinder, reflected back in a mirror.
In memorializing Hetherington's legacy, Junger has also brought attention to the incredible risks endured by reporters and
Go to Turnstylenews.com | Like us on Facebook | Follow us on Tumblr A particularly disturbing moment in the film is when
The alleged original: "Shadow of Death" is nothing more than a staged improvement on another photo Fenton took at the same
Once you're seen a world-class news photograph, it's hard, if not impossible, to get that image out of your mind. If television brought the Vietnam War into your living room, it was the still photo that took it to your soul.
If ever there was a war defined and illuminated by photography, it was the war in Vietnam. And if ever there was a photographer who left his imprint on the unforgettable images of Vietnam, it was Horst Faas.
A grenade was thrown over the wall, its shrapnel catching both the soldier and the photographer. Anja Niedringhaus was evacuated to a military hospital in Kandahar. A few days later, the Pulitzer-Prize-winning photographer flew to India for another assignment.
At the age of four, Felicie's mother passed away. After taking her first photographs with her brother's camera at the age