“There is an element to the way we tell this story that has power and desperation that would be different if we tried to tell it any other way.”
The city of Birmingham, which owns the building, appears to finally be on a path of restoration. To do so they've partnered with the National Trust for a two-year plan to improve the site.
The only way to get control of the situation is to, well, get control of the situation. Hillary Clinton has to take the reins for herself, and get out there and answer questions about the emails.
We live in a system that provides limited opportunities for communities of color to access health serves, with fewer options for treatment, and with lower-quality care.
Sometimes a political documentary plays like a horror movie, and Return of the War Room and its accompanying déjà vu scared me more than anything I've seen in a while.
This is a sure way to lose a campaign. Bill Clinton set the gold standard for War Room response rates in 1992, as every time