ward hall

Also joining us is the Lady Eye, who recently performed her sword-swallowing, body-stapling, fiery act at the Southern Sideshow
When Hall was 14, he ran off to join a circus and was hired after he convinced the carnival owners he knew how to breathe
This short documentary explores the life of Ward Hall who has run traveling sideshows for the last 70 years.
What's morbid? Joanna Ebenstein takes us through the Morbid Anatomy Museum and tells us about the life of the morbid and strange.
Ward Hall can get people to do anything. HuffPost Weird News hosted the event, in coordination with the Morbid Anatomy Museum
It's amazing that anyone could be working the same job for so many years, and it's especially odd that this distinction belongs
Ward Hall has the memory of an elephant, the exaggerative dialogue of a Ginsu Knife salesman and a sequined wardrobe that would have made Liberace turn his head.
Her father also felt under a bit of scrutiny. "I had people go, 'Gosh, I can't believe you let her do that.' But I don't
An event taking place in Tampa this weekend may help. Included in the $155 fee is a field trip to the International Independent
If all goes well, the book will be published in February, 2014. "One of the things that is different is that there are fewer
It's easy to look at two friends (or lovers) who share a close rapport and wonder what attracts them to each other. But sometimes opposites not only attract, they can lead to the most unexpected kind of fame.