warmest winter

Chicago's rising star artist Chance the Rapper went to Twitter this Christmas to announce "Warmest Winter Chicago" (a partnership between Chance and the Empowerment Plan to bring 1,000 coats to Chicago's homeless) had raised almost $60 thousand in only 10 days.
Source: National Climatic Data Center/NOAA Nine states in the West have had a winter that ranks among the 10 warmest on record
"Winter is when states like California amass their main water budget, when snowpack is building," said Phillips, a marine
Be warned, as this might make you want to spit out your coffee, but that hot drink you're sipping on could actually be making you colder.
It's freezing out there. Make sure you're getting warm the right way!
"They're not able to survive those cold temperatures," he said. "So we hope it doesn't stay too warm for too long just yet