Warner Music Group

Russian Singer Emin Agalarov released a music video that portrays the alleged collusion between Russia and Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign.
The letter vows to “put shame back where it belongs ― with the perpetrators and the people protecting them.”
The symposium highlighted the value of families as "first responders." Fountain House president Kenn Dudek noted: Author
Warner Music Group has completed a deal with YouTube (GOOG) that will bring back music videos for Green Day, U2, Madonna
News Corp operating income fell 72% during the first quarter. The media giant, whose operating income was approximately $755
USA Swimming announced that it will ban Olympic Gold Medal winner Michael Phelps from competition for three months. Phelps
If record companies really expect these people to not sell their freebies online or to used record stores, then they're even stupider than they seem.
-- OR -- Read Silicon Alley Insider's take on Bronfman. It was 2006, and Mr. Bronfman, the bearded scion of the Seagrams
Private equity bosses are constantly fighting off criticism that they are "flippers," buying companies and quickly selling
Who says the music business doesn't pay? Warner Music Group cut a check for $50 million dollars to Frank Sinatra last year
Unfortunately for employees at big music labels, it looks as if we're going to be hearing this refrain for a while: Universal
Our fellow blog pundits are having a laugh at Warner Music Group's Edgar Bronfman Jr. today, based on a speech he delivered