Sen. Chuck Schumer Announces New Leadership Team
Voting for Clinton on the part of the radical left is not a sell out but a belief that the terrible times of decomposition offer opportunities for future progressive gains.
FYI, Donald J. Trump: "Nasty women vote."
Elizabeth Warren Tears Into Wells Fargo CEO, Calls On Him To Resign
Whether they admit it to themselves or not, these people don't actually support Trump because he "speaks his mind." They are not merely superfans of free speech who feel political correctness has gone too far.
There are several good reasons why presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton might want to choose Sen. Elizabeth
The senator is not backing down.
Last weekend I spent 90 minutes watching Sanders give a speech.....and I was stunned! Stunned 'cause I agreed with everything that he said....everything.
Senator Bernie Sander's announcement that he will seek the Democratic Party nomination for the presidency creates the best possible circumstances for Liberals and traditional Democrats to get their policies accepted as a mandate for action. Now Liberals have to focus on promoting the delivery mechanism.
WARREN, Mich. (AP) - An atheist man has finally set up an informational booth promoting free thought and use of reason after