Warren Haynes

The Midatlantic Here are my picks among the acts you need to seek out: Look Homeward But promise me you will take the time
Warren Haynes played Cloud Nine in TivoliVredenburg on July 17th, 2016. For our series '1 minute till showtime' we filmed
For a musician who's spent most of his life improvising on stage and in the studio, it's quite ironic - and gloriously so I might add - that Warren Haynes' latest album was planned for nearly a decade with songs that have sort of a fixed beginning and end.
In the world of science as well as metaphysics, the moon is always a divine symbol of transition, synchronicity, and illumination. Its many lunar cycles affect the planet itself as well as the creatures who populate it.
Hey Jason, looks like things are pretty "scorching" on your new album Christmas on the farm. See what I did there?
This year marks the third anniversary of Grand Point North, the homegrown music festival that Grace Potter put together to
It took some research after the conversation to discover those words weren't actually what Thompson wrote while attacking
Just don't worry about splitting hairs. If you disagree and have another Hangout act that deserves to be seen and heard (the