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Like love, poop, actually, is everywhere. This was a finding I discovered while interviewing New York University pathologist Philip Tierno about the merits of toilet paper.
This six-step process using alcohol rub won out in a study of health care workers.
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What would have to be true for your child to behave this way? Another way of thinking about this is to ask, Why does this upsetting behavior make its own kind of sense?
It's a good time of year to reflect on our handwashing habits. Flu season is here, and enterovirus D68 has spread to all
Today an estimated 250 million people globally are participating in events to highlight the vital role played by handwashing in preventing infection, particularly diarrhea and pneumonia that still claim the lives of more than two million children under the age of five every year.
Is the New York Giants' bathroom more sanitary than your hospital room? Could be. And that player cleanliness may even have helped send the team to the Super Bowl.
The field of medicine has understood the importance of hand washing for almost 200 years. The fact that you need signs, though, suggests that not everyone is washing their hands all the time. What kinds of signs are likely to be most effective?
Is it possible that health workers might be more motivated by messages that emphasize patients' welfare rather than their own?
By Beth Ricanati, M.D. for YouBeauty While I'm at it, let's talk for a moment about hand washing. Once your hands are rinsed
Joel Schwartzberg is a satirist and personal essayist whose book "The 40-Year-Old Version" was released this year. "Just
As a rule of thumb, any extreme is unhealthy, but rarely are we made aware of the "cons" of healthy habits, instead led to think any good thing is better if done as often as possible.