Sussmann, a cybersecurity attorney who represented the Clinton campaign in 2016, is accused of lying to the FBI as it investigated potential ties between Donald Trump and Russia in 2016.
Jury selection is underway in the trial of a lawyer for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign who is accused of lying to the FBI as it investigated potential ties between Donald Trump and Russia in 2016.
Footage of the 29-year-old man peeing into a bag of milkshake mix was uncovered as police were executing a search warrant on his phone as part of a child pornography investigation.
Thousands gathered in Washington, New York and other cities to demand protections for abortion access.
A top aide to President Ronald Reagan, McFarlane pleaded guilty to charges for his role in an illegal arms-for-hostages deal known as the Iran-Contra affair.
Enjoy your stay on this peaceful island in a waterfront cabin or a quaint farmhouse that houses actual animals and a yoga studio.
If you want a magical, outdoorsy escape with plenty of spectacular views ― you have to visit this Pacific Northwest town.
The woman used dog leashes to tie herself off as she reached for the phone, but she fell into the toilet headfirst.
As a result, 35,000 U.S. children entered kindergarten without evidence that they were vaccinated for extremely contagious diseases.
Donald Trump Jr.'s fiance met with the House committee investigating the U.S. Capitol insurrection Monday — more than a month after she abruptly ended a voluntary interview with lawmakers.