Hong Kong: Get around the local way If you love San Francisco's cable cars and London's double-decker buses, you'll be into
It has been a rough winter in Washington D.C.! Have you been scrambling for fun, engaging activities to do with your family
Check out more photos of Washington in the slideshow below! Where have you traveled for a moment of zen? Email travel@huffingtonpost.com
Cognac was Poe's drink of choice; the stuffed bird, a tribute to his poem "The Raven." "It is our fervent wish that this
You don't have to let the political antics on Capitol Hill spoil your travel fun in Washington D.C. Check out the "Washington D.C.: All Shut Down and Somewhere to Go guide" for places to enjoy while congress members sweat it out.
In a blog for HuffPost DC, tour guide Canden Schwantes focuses on the bright side of a shutdown: "Think of this as a way
Think of this as a way to see the lesser known side of D.C. and sites that are often, sadly, skipped over. Some of the best places in D.C. are the smaller, historic house museums.
Although it's probably best known for its politics, Washington, D.C. is also a strong culinary center bursting with fantastic restaurants and chefs that even the pickiest foodies would boast about.
The Brits Love Disney World, the French are heading to beaches, Italians to big cities, and the Germans? They're everywhere (in big numbers). Here are the top U.S. destinations that are most popular with Europeans this summer.
Oh Dear D.C., you may not be a state...But I love you for being the capital of the country, the birthplace of my children, and the city I proudly call home.
A visit to the George Washington Masonic Memorial is an unexpected glimpse into both the private life and the deep spiritual leanings of the father of our country.
Did I say "all" the monuments in one day"? Yeah, more or less.
--On Twitter: @TheMDTA and @MDSHA. "We will have free events six nights a week," said Meehan. --For toll rates: mdta.maryland.gov
"So many of our people not only work in D.C. but also want to socialize and enjoy the cultural arts in D.C.," she said. Maryland's
Where do they find these out-of-sight entrances? At places like Morton's Steakhouse on Connecticut Avenue and P.J. Clarke's
WASHINGTON -- In D.C. for the Inauguration? You'll want to check out some of our top picks of things to do, from silly to
Calling all Presidential (Inauguration) hopefuls! In contrast to the high cost of travel to attend the inaugural events of 2009, those hoping to be a part of this year's historic weekend will find getting to and staying in the nation's capital much more attainable.
As many prepare to visit the Washington, DC region for President Obama's second inauguration, I would like to share with you my top recommendations for presidential-themed visits.
WASHINGTON -- Clark Mills' equestrian statue honoring former President Andrew Jackson across the street from the White House
My alarm clock is pounding in my ears at 5:30 in the morning. Not the best thing in the world for a 13-year-old to experience but it's worth it. Today I am headed to Washington, D.C to meet the President of the United States.