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Trump proudly declared a Washington Examiner list to be "True!" – but conveniently forgot to mention it was written by the White House.
Fox News obtaining "exclusive first excerpts" demonstrates that the release of the memo was never about transparency, only about politics.
Some Republicans might think twice before voting to raise middle-class taxes.
One bar will be serving “The Covfefe Cocktail," which is "like drinking the Kool Aid but only a small group of people know what’s in it.”
Following Ginni Thomas' takedown, a Washington Examiner article citing unnamed sources appears to have been amended.
The headline claim of Gilbert's film is that Barack Obama's real father is, in Corsi's words, "the late Communist Party USA propagandist Frank Marshall Davis." That's an argument so fallacious that even the far-right website American Thinker shot that down, dismissing Gilbert as a "hoaxster."
Since childhood, I have been interested in journalism and politics. When I was in my early teens, I frequently watched the early local news. Now as a young adult, attending school in Washington, D.C. I can take advantage of a plethora of journalistic opportunities.
Conservatives keep calling Obamacare a 'government takeover,' no matter what the numbers say.
Attacking outlets like Capital New York for no other reason than being new to industry might be a fun way for the Times to tout its influence today, but it won't be fun when someone else is sitting atop that throne.
There is almost nothing to which a person aspires that can be gained without compromise. The American people do not need to be made afraid of contrariness, or impassioned dissent, or of cooperation. That is a fear that will surely scuttle our democracy from within.
No former U.S. president has ever been successfully assassinated. Theodore Roosevelt, during his return to presidential politics
History shows that if conservative papers weren't subsidized by deep-pocketed owners, they would fail in a free market. By contrast, at least until the current paradigm shift from print to online, newspapers dismissed as "liberal" had generally been thriving -- many of them under publicly owned companies.
Here's a link to some of the photos, uploaded to Flickr. Or, you know, perhaps not: This is not the first time that the Examiner's
Details of the Romney meeting did not previously leak out because of the off-the-record ground rules. So even though there
There are two kinds of companies who receive corporate welfare from Washington: successful businesses that don’t need it