washington examiner

The Washington Examiner said the president's legal team “looks as though it is flinging mud to see what sticks" in its bid to overturn the election result.
A Washington Examiner editorial condemned the president for spewing conspiracy theories about Joe Scarborough when he should be leading the nation through a crisis.
"Trump will be judged on his handling of the spread of a virus," a Washington Examiner editorial said.
Moore lost a 2017 special election to Sen. Doug Jones (D-Ala.) after numerous women accused him of sexually assaulting them as teenagers.
The presidential counselor denied threatening a Washington Examiner reporter after the paper released a recording of their heated phone call.
The White House counselor also threatened to start delving into the personal lives of reporters.
Trump proudly declared a Washington Examiner list to be "True!" – but conveniently forgot to mention it was written by the White House.
Fox News obtaining "exclusive first excerpts" demonstrates that the release of the memo was never about transparency, only about politics.
Some Republicans might think twice before voting to raise middle-class taxes.
One bar will be serving “The Covfefe Cocktail," which is "like drinking the Kool Aid but only a small group of people know what’s in it.”