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"While this amount of money isn't nearly enough to run a whole state with, these are real dollars that can now be spent on
"These were forward-thinking laws, so it’s not surprising to see support has grown stronger since they passed," said Mason
U.S. District Court Judge Thomas O. Rice, however, rejected the motion earlier this month. At issue in the case is a historic
Rice disagreed and rejected the motion last week in Spokane. The Harvey family's trial is slated to begin next week. All
I just hope I can beat this cancer and live a little longer. I'm 71, I've got a few good years in me after I get rid of this
The measure in question is meant to "prevent" the federal government from interfering with states "implementing" their own
The movement to end marijuana prohibition has made significant progress recently, but it could all be undone when the next
The predicament underscores the growing pains legalization advocates and policymakers face in figuring out the best ways
Washington and Colorado both legalized recreational marijuana in 2012. While Washington's shops just began selling this month
It has now been six months since Colorado legalized recreational use of marijuana. This week, Washington became the second state to roll out retail pot sales. All eyes are on these two states, but to me, it's quite telling that Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is reluctant to call legalization a success.
"It was great and exciting, it was a wonderful day, despite all of the delays," Nelson said. "We'll open again Wednesday
CORRECTION: A previous version of this story stated that Dale Brown was behind the anti-marijuana signs posted around the
“Washington and Colorado are leading the way, and it won’t be long before more states follow," Mason Tvert, director of communications
SEATTLE, July 7 (Reuters) - Washington state takes the final step in legalizing recreational marijuana use on Monday when
Colorado and Washington were the first U.S. states to approve adult-use marijuana in 2012. Colorado's first retail marijuana
In August, Deputy Attorney General James Cole issued guidelines for all U.S. attorneys, saying it's "not an efficient use
"Larry and I lead a simple life," Rhonda said in her statement Thursday. "We chop down all of our own firewood so we can
The guidance requires banks to vigorously monitor their business with marijuana dispensaries. It doesn't grant them immunity