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The District's non-voting representative in the House, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D), said Obama's budget proposal "demonstrated
In Colorado, teen marijuana abuse treatment at about a dozen Arapahoe House Denver-area treatment facilities increased by
What may seem like a surprisingly fast turn toward legalization has actually been a long, slow movement against pot's prohibition -- one that began in the early 1960s, peaked in the late '70s, and then failed to secure a single major victory again until the late '90s.
If you run a medical marijuana dispensary, or a legal marijuana business in Colorado, how do you get paid? Federal laws enacted during the war on drugs in the 1980s barred banks from doing business with "drug traffickers."
Amber McGowan, manager at Cannabis City, told Reuters on Thursday the store would likely not have enough inventory to stay
Steves, who has written about Amsterdam's relationship with marijuana, said he was "hugely" surprised that Colorado's marijuana
Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder turned billionaire philanthropist, voted to legalize marijuana in his home state of Washington.
Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder turned billionaire philanthropist, voted to legalize marijuana in his home state of Washington
Bill Gates voted “yes” on the 2012 referendum that legalized marijuana in his home state, he told BuzzFeed in an interview
The U.S. Department of Justice announced in August it wouldn't interfere with state efforts to regulate and tax marijuana
He's been a cop, a sheriff's deputy and a DEA agent. And now Patrick Moen is taking on his latest assignment: helping sell marijuana. But he isn't going undercover -- he's going to work for a legal business that supports the marijuana industry.
So marijuana wasn't a priority for front-line agents? Is focusing on marijuana a bad way to get ahead within the agency? I
Last month, 296 days after voters in Colorado and Washington decided to legalize marijuana, the U.S. Justice Department responded
“This office has always prioritized cases involving key federal interests: protecting federal lands, disrupting international
"Obviously I want to avoid a lawsuit if at all possible, but we'll just see where this goes," Washington Attorney General
The research was done by Jeffrey Miron and Katherine Waldock. Taxes aren't the only source of revenue that would come from
Marijuana activists in Alaska took an important step Tuesday toward making their state the third in the nation to approve
Given forty years of escalation of the war on drugs in the U.S. and around the world, the global consensus that the policy is a deadly and costly failure, and that policies that hurt our fragile economies must be fixed, we need a new Shafer Commission to develop and recommend a drug policy that saves lives.
Now that most of the world's problems are close to being resolved (except for the treaty regulating global trade in conventional arms) the United Nations can begin to focus on non-violent internal affairs in member nations such as the United States.
Medical marijuana is already big business in California. The state Board of Equalization in its most recent analysis from