washington national cathedral

Each toll of the funeral bell honored 1,000 Americans who have died of coronavirus.
The church squirreled away thousands of respirator masks 14 years ago.
The tribute to the Wyoming student's legacy aims to serve as "a source of strength" for the LGBTQ community.
Faith leaders said Tuesday that the president's history of racism and his recent remarks about Baltimore are "a clarion call, and give cover, to white supremacists."
Matthew Shepard has been interred at Washington National Cathedral 20 years after he was brutally murdered.
The church said that funerals there are organized by the grieving families, no presidential approval needed.
The 41st president was honored at a service in Washington National Cathedral.
The 41st president will be buried Thursday at his presidential library and museum at Texas A&M University.
The 21-year-old's ashes are now interred at the Washington National Cathedral.
Shepard's ashes will be interred Friday at the Washington National Cathedral.