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The Washington Nationals infielder became a hurler for one gross moment — which was caught on video — against the San Francisco Giants.
Boone, whose vaccinated son Aaron manages the Yankees, was a four-time All-Star as a player.
"I'm just worried about the guys, I really am," manager Dave Martinez said.
The Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher will likely still take the mound against Washington even as police and MLB investigate allegations he assaulted a woman.
With security officials avoiding the rain, the naked man had free rein, using the infield tarp as his own Slip 'N Slide.
The nation’s leading infectious disease expert said it's time for fully vaccinated Americans to go mask-free.
The MLB team said it was looking forward to resuming the "long-standing tradition."
The controversial ump previously expressed doubt over the coronavirus death toll.
The infectious disease expert on why he socially distanced the ball from the glove.