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The MLB team said it was looking forward to resuming the "long-standing tradition."
The controversial ump previously expressed doubt over the coronavirus death toll.
The infectious disease expert on why he socially distanced the ball from the glove.
Yankees, Nationals, Giants and Dodgers players and staff knelt before the national anthem at season openers to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement.
"Just Donald Trump & Kurt Suzuki cosplaying MAGA Titanic."
Kurt Suzuki received a warm welcome from Trump days after his pitcher Sean Doolittle declined an invite to the celebration in protest.
"I just can't do it," said the World Series-winning pitcher, citing the president's "divisive rhetoric and the enabling of conspiracy theories."
Washington fans watching a ballpark broadcast of World Series Game 7 erupted in contempt at a Trump campaign ad.
The local TV segment went awry when a sports fan shared his true feelings about President Trump.
The Washington Nationals are World Series champions for the first time in franchise history.