Washington Redskins

Change The Mascot's Ray Halbritter on the campaign and the circumstances that forced Washington's NFL team to drop its racist "Redskins" name.
After a half-century of opposition from Native American groups, the team finally agreed to stop using a "dictionary-defined slur" as its mascot.
The move mirrors the one made by the Washington Redskins, who are embarking on a “thorough review” of their name.
The name is being reviewed after major corporate sponsors including FedEx and Nike threatened to stop supporting the team.
Meanwhile, Nike appeared to remove all of its apparel featuring the NFL team's logos from its website.
The football team honored Bobby Mitchell by retiring his number and renaming part of its stadium after him. Activists say more change is needed.
Washington's football team may be supporting Black Americans, but it has refused repeated requests by Native Americans to change its name.
And get this: Smith says in an upcoming ESPN documentary that he hopes to play again.
Washington rookie Dwayne Haskins said he "thought the game was over with already."
My 6-year-old Ojibwe daughter turned to me and said, “Mommy, that’s not okay. We’re people, not mascots.” And she's right.