Washington Redskins

Washington rookie Dwayne Haskins said he "thought the game was over with already."
My 6-year-old Ojibwe daughter turned to me and said, “Mommy, that’s not okay. We’re people, not mascots.” And she's right.
This is the second time charges of domestic violence have been dropped against the linebacker.
The injury happened 33 years to the day after another Washington quarterback suffered a horrific break.
One woman called the shirt "disrespectful" but said the Washington NFL team's mascot was OK "because that's the logo!"
The New York Times report comes on the heels of two lawsuits from other teams' cheerleaders alleging discriminatory treatment.
"It’s about a racist name that a racist person doesn’t want to change," one of the activists behind the site said.
The players complimented his jersey before buying him a birthday gift.
Taking a knee is a meaningless gesture when co-opted by an organization named after a racist slur.
Downplaying the violence in cultural appropriation is dismissive and ignorant to the ways cultures express and sustain themselves.
“Nobody can take the strength and courage of claiming ... our own name away from us.”
Ronny Chieng talks to the Asian-American band about their right to offend themselves.
Frontman Simon Tam chose to call the band "The Slants" to reclaim a derogatory reference to Asian people’s eyes, and wear it as a “badge of pride.”